Quasar Ice Cologne Deodorant 100 Ml

Quasar Ice Cologne Deodorant 100 Ml

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Quasar Ice Deodorant Cologne 100ml

Life is full of challenges the size of mountains, but the greatest achievements are on the horizon beyond them, and Quasar Ice Deodorante Cologne believes that the greater your courage to overcome the unknown, the purer the feeling of reward.

Therefore, O Boticário captured the Purest Air in the World at the top of the Valahnukur mountain, in Iceland, and translated it into the fragrance of Quasar Ice to stimulate in you the courage to win and go further.

Almost Ice Deodorant Cologne belongs to the Fougère Aldehydic olfactory family and has a fragrance with extreme freshness. It also has an innovative and sustainable ingredient that transforms waste from Pinus FSC paper production into an extra dose of refreshment, as well as the feeling of the extreme cold wind that blows from the top of the icy mountains.

The men's perfumery item is ideal for those who love to take care of themselves and protect nature.

Quasar Ice, courage that protects nature!

None of Boticário's products are tested on animals. Dermatologically tested.

*Ingredients updated as of the date of publication. But it is important to remember to always check the packaging, the most current information is on the product label.

Olfactory family: Fougère Aldehydic Aromatic.