Light Yellow Ponjita Bath Sponge

Light Yellow Ponjita Bath Sponge

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The Ponjita™ Daily Bath Sponge keeps your skin always healthy and well cared for. Its colorful face gently cleanses, while the white fiber massages and tones the skin, activating circulation, opening pores and eliminating impurities from the skin.

Cleanliness, relaxation, freshness and well-being
Practical for everyday use and with an anatomical shape, the Ponjita™ Daily Bath Sponge also removes dead cells. Product available in pink, yellow and blue colors.

Disclaimer: discontinue use if skin irritation occurs and do not use the product on acne, wounds, warts, etc. It is recommended to change the sponge every two months.

  • Dual action: deep cleansing (fiber) and gentle cleansing (foaming) for clean, healthy skin
  • Cleans and massages the skin
  • remove dead cells
  • Eliminates impurities
  • Practice for everyday use and anatomically shaped
  • Available in yellow, blue and pink

Suggested Applications

  • Moderate exfoliation sponge suitable for daily bathing