Citrus and Fruity Morning Desinshot Desinchá (30 Days) 150g

Citrus and Fruity Morning Desinshot Desinchá (30 Days) 150g

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The morning shot ritual!

A small dose that concentrates different ingredients, usually taken on an empty stomach, right after waking up

- The shot is used as a way to guarantee the body a good supply of compounds even in the first moments of the day

-Desinshot is a citrus and fruity combination of vitamin c, zinc, lemon, beetroot, turmeric, ginger, black pepper and propolis to make part of your daily life quickly and deliciously

- A shot made especially for you who seek practicality without giving up flavor. just mix it in water and that's it.

Method of preparation

Dissolve one scoop(5g) in 200mL or 100mL of cold or cold filtered water. It is not necessary to add sugar. Suggestion: Consume once a day, or according to professional guidance.

Desinshot is contraindicated for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children and hypertensive patients. People with pre-existing dietary restrictions should seek medical advice.

Does not contain gluten, does not contain lactose, does not contain sugar, does not contain caffeine AND does not contain flavorings.