Skala Expert Shea Butter Cream 1000g

Skala Expert Shea Butter Cream 1000g

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Skala Expert Shea Butter Hair Treatment Cream 1kg

Suitable for dry and brittle hair.
The Skala Butter de Shea line came to say goodbye to dry, brittle and damaged hair due to chemical treatments.
Enriched with Vitamin E and D'Panthenol, it provides powerful nutrition, treating the threads through its emollient property, nourishing, restoring and returning softness and beauty to the threads, with guaranteed shine.
Stage of the Capillary Schedule: NUTRITION.
Formula without parabens, petrolatum, silicones and mineral oil, released and Co-Wash.

Main benefits

- Nutrition.
- Softness.
- Shine.
- Sedosity.
- Action 3 minutes.